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Technology Focus

Sephton Water Technology, Inc. specializes in desalination technology that takes advantage of low cost thermal energy sources to provide high quality distilled water at competitive cost. Current and past projects focus on water/power cogeneration with both renewable and conventional power plants. A current project is designed to demonstrate the use of low grade non-commercial heat from geothermal flash plants.

Salton Sea Desalination

The current projects are located at California's largest lake, the Salton Sea. This body of water is about 30% more salty than the ocean making it difficult to desalinate using commonly used technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) or multi-stage flash (MSF). The combination of Vertical Tube Foam Evaporation (VTFE) and Dispersed Seeded Slurry Evaporation (DSSE) technology patented by Hugo Sephton is well suited to desalinating this challenging body of water.